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Robert A. Loeb is proud to provide compassionate and affordable legal services. Simply put, our focus is on what is best for you. Our Chicago criminal defense attorneys listen to your concerns, evaluate your case, and guide you every step of the way. Unlike large, impersonal law firms in Chicago, criminal law attorney Robert Loeb offers you personalized attention.

As your criminal law firm, if you have not yet been charged, we will attempt to speak with state or federal prosecutors to avoid your indictment. We will also work hard to negotiate a favorable resolution to your matter. If this is not possible, our Chicago criminal defense attorneys will provide aggressive, intelligent, and creative representation at trial.

The Law Office of Robert Loeb is skilled in all aspects of defense. If you are seeking a criminal attorney in Chicago, we invite you to call us, to ask us questions, and to come visit us. Remember, state and federal criminal offenses are serious in nature with the potential for exposure to county, state, or federal prison. Chicago criminal defense attorneys such as Robert A. Loeb will advocate for you vigorously to avoid jail time, and to minimize penalties and fines.

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Robert A. Loeb
Criminal Law; Federal Criminal Law

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