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Chicago Forfeiture Law

Forfeiture is the loss of property through government seizure due to violation of the law. Forfeiture laws exist at both state and federal levels. Federal laws allow the government to seize property and assets based on convictions through various federal laws, such as RICO laws which target organized crime and illegal acquisition of property and assets. Environmental laws restrict land use and as a result of conviction of environmental crimes property may be also be seized. The most well known forfeiture involves seizure based on drug trafficking. The so-called war on drugs stiffened penalties regarding drug trafficking and manufacturing. Individuals convicted of a drug crime may lose their land, house or assets.

In Illinois, forfeiture laws are also used against the gambling industry to confiscate property used in illicit gambling.

If you find yourself under investigation and in danger of forfeiture, it is wise to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. It is never too soon to be informed of your rights and to give your criminal defense attorney the opportunity to develop an effective strategy to handle your case.

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