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Chicago Gambling Law

Gambling laws exist at both the state and federal levels to regulate the gambling industry. These laws determine the rights of players and casinos, how taxes must be paid and how privacy is afforded in the gambling arena. An attorney knowledgeable in gambling law can explain what rights are subject to barring as well as how 4th Amendment rights regarding search and seizure apply to casinos and gaming businesses. Hiring an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience regarding gambling laws significantly affects the outcome of most cases.

At the Chicago criminal defense law firm of Robert A. Loeb, gambling law is a legal area in which our firm has developed a great deal of expertise. Casinos are in the business of protecting their bottom line, and often abuse customers who can gain an advantage over the casino in blackjack and certain other casino games. These are called advantage players. Criminal defense attorney Robert A. Loeb has represented advantage players on criminal charges and in disputes with casinos throughout the United States. Mr. Loeb is Co-Author with I. Nelson Rose of the book Blackjack and the Law and is the author of numerous articles in many gambling publications. To arrange a consultation to discuss your concerns regarding gambling laws, please call 312-368-0611 or use our online quick contact email.


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